Private Group Facebook Like


So i read some similar post on this forum and no answer… So I dont want to make like Facebook. I just want the same private group system.

So the goal of a forum is people register. For exemple, i would like to make free course on Youtube (private link) and i want put this private link in a special category.

I dont want this catergoy be public. Else people never register. Its normal no ?

Same for text. It would be good if we can “lock” some text. To make the user want to register

If there isnt this feature, i can pay, no problem.

You can use this guide to create that private category:


I gonna watch that thanks. I hope find the solution. Its really important for me.

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Ok i saw the topic. SO my problem is i want everybody see the category but users can make a demand to join this category like private facebook group actually.

Here, i need to create the category and add manually users. But if users didnt register, i cant do that.

Sure! That is also possible on Discourse. To add that, you’d use this #theme-component in addition to private categories as Rishabh shared:


Amazing dude ! Thanks