Private Message Button in Posts or "Post Menu" area

(Dean Taylor) #1

In some communities / certain categories / topics it is required for people to “Private Message” the author to continue the conversation.

This is possibly extension / plugin territory - I place it in the feature category for now in-case this matches common other community requests.

###The Idea
Where some code used in posts perhaps like:



[pm @DeanMarkTaylor]

Could be included where this would generate embedded buttons as replacements:


###Possible uses
For example in the case of selling items a Classifies section where items are listed for sale.

Where the topic author lists an item as being available “Private Message” makes sense because:

  • the public generally don’t need to know you are interested in the item
  • the discussion of the final sale price is dependant on details of buyer location
  • a part exchange where an offer is made
  • etc.

###Possible Alternative
An additional icon in the Post Menu area to PM the author, although I don’t really like this as it might push to many messages into private instead of being public.

Tags against wrong topic
(Mittineague) #2

Something more than the existing Notify Member option available every post ?

(Dean Taylor) #3

Yes, this flagging process is not obvious enough for some posts where the next immediate action required by the user is to “Private Message”. Akin to a “buy now” button - you wouldn’t expect to have to “Flag” a post to buy - nor would you to private message.

(Mittineague) #4

There’s also the “click avatar” see User Card with prominent Private Message button.

But I can see where the needing a click might be a wall for those that don’t know.

(Dean Taylor) #5

Yes - it is a wall - and education path is painful.

We have whole groups of posts where users are saying “click on my picture”, “what picture”…
… the target user group are not technical or experienced and really can’t follow these steps and need it to be simple.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Probably easier to come up with an URL they could use and you could edit into the post, e.g.

This URL would trigger the composer, I guess, though it would also navigate to that user’s profile…

(Arpit Jalan) #7