Problem with the new Discourse AI "related / similar topics"-function

I just read this “Related Topics”-thread and realized that I cannot seem to get it working in my forum.

I have the discourse-ai working (Summarize, Chatbot, Composer AI-helper, semantic search) etc works. I am using an API-key for ChatGPT. My settings are attached below. I guess it’s something obvious I am missing, but I don’t seem to be able to find it. :cry:

Or is it only triggered on some specific conditions?

I would love to have it like here on meta with:

EDIT: I have this content in my ai_topic_embedding-tables:

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Hi Jan :wave:

Did you happen to review this documentation topic on the Discourse AI embeddings? It should have all the info you need to set this up. Also, please ensure you are running the latest Discourse version (either tests passed 3.2.0.beta1-dev or Stable 3.1.

Are you latest versions of both Discourse and OpenAI? Do you plan on using OpenAI for embeddings generation?


Thanks for quick replies.

Yes, I am running 3.1 stable.

Yes, I did review and I think I have done allt i says. E.g.

Which I had not set initially.

I am on 3.1.0. Don’t know about the OpenAI, but I selected GPT-4 and it works in the other places of the AI-functions (e.g. chatbot, composer helper, semantic search etc) and it adds entries to the ai_api_log-tables as shown above.

Yes, for now.

I don’t plan on supporting DiscourseAI on anything but our default release channel (tests-passed), as we are already stretched enough as is.

We tried pinning the plugin to a commit that was supposed to work with stable at DEV: Pin plugin for v3.1 (#121) · discourse/discourse-ai@51fdf21 · GitHub but looks like that didn’t do the trick.

If you want to use DiscourseAI you can move to our default release channel and it should work with your current settings. We are moving fast with this plugin while it’s on a “preview” state, and may start supporting stable on the next release.


No worries, you guys are doing an amazing job for which I am grateful. :pray::heart:

I just wanted to be sure that I haven’t done anything stupid from my side. I can wait for when it’s in the stable-release. For me it’s better to have a fully working stable forum since we have a lot of traffic, so I can wait even if I love having the newest toys.

Thanks again @falco, @sam and the rest of you for the great work you are doing. Indirectly you are huge contributions to peoples lifes through the topics discussed in the various forums that are running world-wide. I hope you have the time to appreciate that. :wink: