Provide a "Back to all chat channels" button when chat is in maximised mode

I like the handy “back to all chat channels” button when chat is in its minimised (small) mode.

For example. The < on the left of this screenshot.
Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 11.02.43

I notice the same button doesn’t exist on the maximised (large) view of the chat.

See example.
Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 11.02.50

So I sometimes get caught in a loop trying to figure out how to go back to all the chat channels. For sure they’re there on the sidebar ready to be selected but for some reason my brain wants to go back to the view using that < button.

This is only an issue on a desktop browser as on mobile the “back to all chat channels” button is always present and that makes me happy.

Thanks for considering this UX feedback.

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Do you think you’d feel the same way if chat channels were more visible in the sidebar while in full screen mode? For example, ignoring the other problems this might create for a second, what if the sidebar hid everything except for chat channels when chat is maximized?

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Yeah, I think that would help.

It also feels related to: Custom sidebar sections being tested on meta - #29 by simon_tomes

There’s something about the consistency of offering the same UI icon/button/link in different contexts that I think is helpful. As in, if people in one context recognise that < equals see all the chat channels then they might associate < with see all the chat channels regardless of context e.g. in minimised or maximised mode.

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