Put forum under sub-domain and have website

Sorry if this has been solved and written somewhere but I will potentially need some help (I will pay someone) in getting this solved.

I have an installed Discourse forum and it works 100% for a few months. I have however thought about changing some things to make the site more popular (hopefully).

  1. I have the forum like this www.xxxxxxxxx.se but I want it like forum.xxxxxxxxx.se.

  2. I want www.xxxxxxxx.se to be a wordpress site (I have server for this already) with a link to the forum on top of the site.

  3. I may need some help setting up the page correctly as well. If you can’t help with this it is ok but it would be great.


This takes a few steps, but there’s a good tutorial here:

If you want this to run on a separate server, that’s fine – in that case, this isn’t Discourse-specific. You can also host this on the same server, in that case, this tutorial is relevant to get you started:


It’s actually easier to have the two sites in two servers, but you can do it in one. The instructions linked above should help, but If you can’t get the support you need here out get tired of fooling with it I will be glad to help.