Real-time updating of topics freezes under high activity

We just landed a big performance improvement for sites with active posting and many users yesterday, it should help a lot on your site.


Very good, we’ll have a look and potentially test this.

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Well, every game is an individual case. Now in the COVID situation (empty arena) and near-random game schedule the behavior of the audience is impossible to predict or compare to historical data.

Based on this single game, I can’t say that this change brought us significant improvement.

The 1st perioid was calm and fine, but events during the second caused a spike in messages and increase in lurkers. About 60% of our people said they experienced freezes.

In the two server setup, the web_only is the only one reporting high CPU usage and load average.

The extreme load / read-only -mode was not triggered, which is good as it is the most painful UX. Overall the audience has quickly learned to visit the index page and come back to resume the discussion - which generates more server load. If only the end user could somehow be informed that he is being throttled. Then he would be more likely to actually wait a minute.