Recommended way to handle RTL mixed with LTR languages

We will get this sorted can you post a copy of a long post with that issue so we can have a look

Its not a long post.

its a topic with thousands of posts. here


I’m wondering if the bottleneck is Discourse generating the directional instructions or the browser interpreting them and rendering the display.

Have you compared the efficiency using different browsers?

The topic that you linked to seems to be loading correctly for me. I am using a fairly powerful computer, so that could be the difference. There is a small change that could be made to the code that I’m sure would improve performance, but we would loose support for Internet Explorer.

What browser and operating system are you using?

I am surprised that the number of posts in a topic is making a difference. I’ll look into that.

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I’m on Ubuntu 16.04 and I tested with Mozilla and Chrome

I also tested with my cellphone now. However surprisingly, the topic opened normally. Now what could be the problem? :thinking:

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What version? You mean not Edge, so IE11 only? That could be an acceptable tradeoff for many audiences.

There’s no support for dir="auto" in IE11 or Edge.

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Wow that’s really weird:

Yes, I was surprised, so I tested it with BrowserStack as well. There is another approach we could take with this to make it more efficient, but we need to be sure there’s a problem first.

After installing discourse from Docker, what settings should I change to reach this?

I think these two :

then wrapping your text with:

<div dir="rtl">


<div dir="ltr">