Redesign of use profile

Has anyone redesigned the user profile pages? I would like to use discourse and make it a blend of a forum AND social network.

The user profile page was redesigned a few months ago.

Probably if you describe (with mockups) what changes you would like to see to make more “social” this page the discourse team can examine them and decide if they are interested or not.

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Well I would redesign it for my own purposes, I wouldnt expect discourse to alter their product just because I have interest in it.

The beauty of discourse is that its open source and we can modify it for our own purposes.

I was gearing my question more towards any developers who have made custom tweaks for a communities own purposes.

Some things can be done with CSS/theme tweaks. Others require a plugin. Others are a great idea that should be included.

What would you like to be different?

I feel like I would only alter css and the layout. Little things I would alter are just added pieces of info from the user from signup and display it.

The user custom fields are designed for just that sort of use. It sounds like you won’t have too many problems with your customizations.

I also have interest in creating a page that shows the amount of each selection that the user selects.

On sign up the user can select option a,b,c or d. On one of the pages I’d like to have a dashboard of some sort that can show these numbers.

Being that the user data are PostgreSQL, that shouldnt be too difficult right?

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First draft could probably be with the Data Explorer plugin, you might want something fancier long timer.

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