Redirecting vbulletin urls to discourse

I have moved to discourse (hosted on DigitalOcean) from vbulletin forum long back, however Google Search Console shows thousands of broken links of the following formats.


I want to redirect all queries having member.php and showthread.php to discourse home page.

How can I do so?

Are those links in forum posts or are they just stale and the next time Google crawls your site they’ll go away?

If it’s the former, you could do a global replace in the database. If it’s the latter, you can wait, or add some redirects to the nginx config.

They are stale, I thought same. But its almost an year and still I see 50k broken links and increasing daily. Actually Google crawler comes to those links from external websites.

I want to redirect


Please help me adding these redirect so that any link containing these files redirects to main page.

I am guessing that they are all hitting your page not found error if so why not change the text of the page to something more fitting making them aware its an old link and recommending they link back to the forum.

Customize / Text Content / page_not_found.title

Thanks all of you but

I want to redirect


Can anyone help setting up this redirect in discourse hosted on digitalocean.

With a little bit if Ruby code and some regex magic you could even redirect to the imported topics, posts and users…


@anandm09 I think this is the howto you are looking for: