Removing all likes in the forum

Hello :slight_smile:
So I’m trying to work with the QA Plugin (which I know is not of Discourse).
There we use the upvotes so on most of the categories we don’t need the like button.
The QA Plugin has an option to disable it. But It still shows the all the likes that the user got.
How can I unlike all the likes? In other words, how can I remove all likes on Discourse?
If it is not possible to do automatically, Is it possible to do manually?


There is this:

But I would be sure you want delete all of the current likes. Likes are interwoven into various aspects of a Discourse site.


You can hide them with CSS.


Thank you, I’ll try to look at it.
I just want to reset the likes because I want allow likes only on specific categories. It is not a big hit for the community because the community is at it’s start :slight_smile:

@pfaffman I want to use likes on specific categories (other categories will use the upvote system) so css can’t help me here


If you search you can find examples of themes that apply to only specific categories