Reply-by-email enabled for all Discourse customers

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

After a few weeks of testing, we are now introducing reply-by-email to all our hosted customers. Every email notification your users receive from now on will include the notice “reply to this email to respond” in the footer.

Replying by email is great for people who are on the move or just happen to prefer email for whatever reason – accessibility, habit, or offline access. (…)

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Can I start a new topic by sending an email message?
(James Hale) #2

I’m pretty confused between this:

“Not only can you accept new topics by email to categories and groups, you can even set a custom incoming email address like mailinglist**** or

and this:

“Can I use my own domain?
Not at this time, no. We don’t have any plans to support custom domain names at this time, but if we see that it’s widely requested we will look into it.”

Did you accidentally include information for non-hosted installs in the guide?