Reply Template

Is there a way to pre-populate the title of a new topic?

Is there a way to automatically add tags instead of having just the tag list?


No, but that’s reasonable feature request for sure. I’m kinda full ATM but making a note of this, thanks.


Is there any possible way to modify the stock reply button in a topic with such a template?
That would be a gamechanger for specific structured conversations in the forum. Especially for contests etc where users have to submit content in a structured manner.

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Hi, sorry I don’t understand your request, can you be more specific please ?

Currently the user can access the reply template only via the button in the first post generated by the theme component.
What I would like to achieve is to enable the template for the stock reply buttons in the topic as well (reply button below the timeline and reply button below the last post)

Edit: One prolific use case is a topic where users can leave feedback like bug reports etc. If we could add per-topic post templates just like for per-category templates for new topics, that would lead to less incomplete reports and hence save our staff a lot of time.



I am having some trouble installing this component. I’m new to Discourse so hoping someone can confirm if the steps I’ve taken are correct.

I followed the guide here How do I install a Theme or Theme Component? to install the component. I’ve included the component on all of our themes.

However, when I create a new topic and include

My reusable content

  • task 1
  • task 2

There is no button for “Use template as reply”. Example:

It just shows the wrapper around the template. Am I missing a step here? Is there something I need to customise in the code?

Also, Discourse is saying the theme has errors either in CSS, HTML or YAML. I’m not sure if that has something to do with why the button doesn’t display?

Thanks for any help.

Will have a look tomorrow


Thanks. I’ve been informed it may also be an issue with the version of Discourse we’re running but will come back on that.

There has been a big update to the component, can you try to update it and see how it goes for you please?

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Hi, sorry for my slow reply. I’ve just checked and it’s still not working for me.

This is how it still appears.

I’m still seeing an error message saying the theme has errors either in CSS, HTML or YAML. We’ve found a workaround for now and it could also be an issue with the version of Discourse we’re running.

The direct message template feature (action="create_pm") used not to work on our instance. It displayed a private message composer, but once one would hit “send”, it turned the message into a—usually public—topic!

I’ve added a quickfix in a fork by copying some fragments from discourse/discourse:

I think what did the trick was adding the archetypeId: "private_message". I would, however, think that the bug actually is that it’s possible to open a composer that lures users into thinking they are composing a private message and then making it public without warning.

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Yes sorry I just tried it and it works fine I expect it to be related to your setup. If you show me the exact full error, maybe I can help.

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Yes you are right, I will change this. thanks.


No problem. I think the problem is with our setup, so I’ll fix that first and come back to you.

Thanks for your help!


Hi thanks for this theme component.
Would it be possible to add another special key
It’s for an exercise routine template

$today - today’s date

Hi first ever PR … hope I got it right … works on my instance
Took two goes (how do you hide your mistakes on github?)
… oh well that’s one off the bucket list … just the API to crack next


It would be great to see button text also as an option, since one button text cannot fit all :slight_smile:

I love this and I think it may help a lot with running classes where I have people answer reflection questions or even as a pseudo form.

One thing I want to explore is if people can reply directly to the post’s author with a PM without having to type the recipient’s name. In this way, I could post an exercise or drill and then people could reflect privately to me using the template, which in some scenarios I may love. I could also provide the same template but with two different buttons, where they can reply publicly in the topic or privately in a PM to me (or the author).

I know it’s not that hard for people to add a recipient in the PM composer, I just wonder, would it be easy to add an option for something like create_pm_reply or something that will go directly to the author of the post to which one is replying?

edit: categoryId= works, I don’t know what I did wrong.

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If I could add a suggestion for this component, our current use case is seen here in a bug reporting category:

I’m using a combo of this component and its sibling, Placeholder Forms, to allows users to pick components of a report and have that generate a block of text. Would love to be able to just hit the “Create new topic” button after filling out info with the placeholder forms and have the new post pull from what’s visible instead of only the raw =PLACEHOLDER_KEY=.

I hope I’m explaining this correctly. Like, once I fill out the placeholder forms and all the info is printed, I wish I could hit that button and have all what’s displayed here show up in the composer…

…instead of having the new post just show this.

In the Placeholder Forms topic, this post Placeholder Forms - #38 by Benjamin_D seems to describe a similar issue to what I’m having and they seemed to have created a custom solution which I’m not sure how I could replicate for my needs. I’m also unsure which thread I should post this in…or if what I’m asking for is even possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway this is a pretty cool system. Thanks!

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I second this. Would be great if you could add a parameter to adjust for example button-text="Apply here".