Restoring backup fails in Win10/Ubuntu development environment

OK thanks @codinghorror – so the instructions I followed are not current, since it installs Postgres 9.5: Beginners Guide to Install Discourse on Windows 10 for Development

The production Docker version (w/Postgres 10) apparently creates a backup script that is incompatible with Postgres 9.5 even though the same version/build of Discourse is used during backup & restore.

What do you recommend for my unique situation, @codinghorror? I need to import a VERY large amount of content (millions of posts from almost 100,000 members) from a proprietary forum system I wrote. [@bletch that should answer your question as well. ]

My idea was to have a local Discourse installation, use .NET’s Entity Framework Core to scaffold the Discourse database and then directly add my data to the Postgres database using a .NET Core console app. Then backup & restore that database onto my production site (hosted on Google Cloud Compute in a Docker container).

So, it would seem I need to use a full Docker/Ubuntu VM installation with Hyper-V on Windows 10 to achieve my goals? And not the (admittedly cool) new Linux Subsystem?