See who is watching a topic

In our forum we use locked topics as mailing lists:

This is a great feature. Anyone with high enough trust level can make a mailing list with very little effort, allowing for extremely targeting communications only to those with a specific interest. We have a very broad user community, so this is essential.

A missing feature is for the person who started the topic, or anyone with sufficient privileges, being able to see who is following a topic. This is important to know if the messages being sent are reaching the people who need to see them.

Are there any plans for this to become a feature? If not, is there a way we can put this on a to-do list? In the mean time what is the best way to get this information? I assume an SQL query in Data Explorer? A similar question about watched topics is the best I can do in terms of prior art, but I’ll need to ensure mailing lists have a specific tag and filter for that so I can find the correct topics, but if there is a better way happy to hear it.


I can’t say for sure. But I believe you could likely use the Data Explorer plugin with a custom query script.


Hello Aidan :slight_smile:

Yes, I don’t think this feature has already been considered, it seems to be of a rare usefulness.
However, you can achieve it with a Data Explorer query such as:

-- [params]
-- topic_id :topic_id

SELECT user_id, topic_id, notification_level
FROM topic_users
WHERE topic_id = :topic_id


You could make a plugin that would add the list of people watching the topic to the serializer and then add something in a theme component that would display that somewhere.


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