Set up HTTPS support with Let's Encrypt

What is the difference between the certificates in the standalone/letsencrypt folder the standalone/ssl folders?

In the letsencrypt folder I see two sub folders for the site with certificates, one with the sitename (RSA) and other with the sitename_ecc (ECC)

Then I see another ssl folder which also seems to have .key and .cer certificates with the same names the certificate in the letsencrypt sitename and sitename_ecc folders.

However, the timestamps of all the files in the ssl folder and different from the timestamps in the letsencrypt folders and importantly the .cer certificate file sizes in the ssl folder are different from the file sizes of .cer files in the letsencrypt folders.

So my questions are:

  • what’s the difference between the files in the ssl and letsencrypt folders
  • which one is used by discourse
  • if the folders in the ssl folder are corrupted/deleted can they be replaced with the files from the letsencrypt folder? (this is important because I ran into a situation where while restoring a site, letsencrypt was unable to get replacement certificates due to excessive restores but I had a valid copy of working certificates from the letsencrypt folder from an image backup).