Setting up HTTPS support with Let's Encrypt

(Dean Peterson) #355

I thought that’s what this paragraph here was saying:

This will generate an app.yml configuration file on your behalf, and then kicks off bootstrap. Bootstrapping takes between 2-8 minutes to set up your Discourse. If you need to change these settings after bootstrapping, you can run ./discourse-setup again (it will read your old values from the file) or edit /containers/app.yml with nano and then ./launcher rebuild app , otherwise your changes will not take effect.

On a different note. What let’s encrypt e-mail is it? Since there doesn’t seem to be a sign up on the website, that e-mail can be whatever e-mail I want it to be to get notifications?

(Jay Pfaffman) #356

Any email address that will get to you will work. It’s just to notify you if it fails to get renewed.

So the bit about reading the old values made you think you couldn’t change them?

(Dean Peterson) #357

I watched a short youtube video and it all made sense after that. It really isn’t all that clear in the documentation that all I had to do was uncomment those two lines and put in any email address and rebuild: done. You should just have. 1. uncomment two lines in app.yml (it’ll be obvious). 2. Add any e-mail where you can be reached 3. run ./launcher rebuild app

(Jon Lumb) #358

Just wanted to give a huge thank you to the OP and the team at Discourse for making this so easy. Just implemented rather last minute in advance of the Chrome update tomorrow and it was remarkably painless.