Sidebar with categories

In your case, the plugin works fine. The conversation was about moving the plugin to the theme page. For example, here: This presents some difficulty.

o I know your mean, That’s need rebuild this plugin, maybe reconstruct the layout

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this plugin show only 8 categories in sidebar? in my forum show only 8…

The number of categories is taken from the value: header dropdown category count

Try to change it in the site settings.

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Does this sidebar also appear when looking at posts? @Stranik

No. If you go to the topic, the sidebar is hidden. This was due to the fact that I did not want to complicate the css, because the theme itself has a lot of small elements. And any shift will lead to a whole chain of changes. But you can easily do it. Just clone this plugin and change it to what you need.

And more. While in a topic, you may need to highlight the category in which we are in the topic itself, in order to somehow link the categories and topics. Otherwise, the sidebar will be independent, separate, just a navigation element without binding to something.


Does this plugin work in version 2.4.0.beta9?

It works for me in version 2.4.0.beta9. If you have any difficulties let me know.

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