Sign in with Apple

I would say this is certainly a candidate for shipping with Discourse. We should aim to pull the code into core or at least bundle the plugin for the next major release. (certainly not the one next week though :slight_smile: )


Yeah we can move it from plugin to core later with minimal effort. One problem is that it is mega-hard to configure when compared with google/facebook/etc.

You need a (paid?) apple developer account, and you have to configure all sorts of domain verification and certificates. It’s certainly achievable with a good #howto though.


Well, that’s unfortunate, but I cannot exactly complain. :slightly_frowning_face:

Not a problem for mobile app developers who have Discourse communities to compliment their apps, but those are generally the only people (excluding macOS notarization) who are paying $99 annually for an Apple developer account.

Yes, definitely. I would most certainly read it. :grin:


And here we go - the plugin is updated and published in its own #plugin topic:

You can see it in action right now on