Some devices can't connect to server

Hi! I’m hosting a discourse forum on a Ubuntu 20.01 virtual machine in DigitalOcean. Everything has been working up until now. Lately, it’s been reported that some devices are not able to connect to the server. I however have not experienced these problems, and it is working perfectly fine on my iPhone 8 and Macbook Air. Has anyone experienced anything similar? To set up the forum I have been using these guides:

Discourse set-up with nginx:

Let’s encrypt set-up:

The only install guide we support here is Discourse official Standard Installation. And that ships with a pre-configured Let’s Encrypt and nginx that is compatible with all devices we support.

I recommend moving your install to a supported one as soon as possible.


Do you have details about the devices that can not connect? Discourse only work (or is known to work) with the following devices and browsers.

There are some limitations in the versions of Android, I think it’s something like Android +4.4

I haven’t been able to find any patterns for whom the forum is not working for, unfortunately. I know that there have been cases where it is not working on both safari and chrome. A user told me just now that it does not work on safari(mac and iphone) and in incognito mode on chrome, but works in normal mode on chrome. Seems weird, and do not know what can be causing this.

I would go with some miss configuration and agree with @Falco that the first step would be to go back to a vainilla/supported installation. That includes already the Let’s Encrypt and works with Nginx, so you’re not adding any value by doing it yourself.

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Alright, I will try to reconfigure!