Spam filter on message content keywords?

One of the most persistent types of spam we get is a foreign language (Indonesian?) come-on for some kind of abortion pill. Since this is always always always garbage and unwanted, and uses terms that are unique to this particular spam that don’t correspond to any English words, I’ve been trying to see if there isn’t some way to automatically delete or blacklist such messages without pestering Admins to do it. I can blacklist certain emails and ISPs, but the originating spammers aren’t consistent so that doesn’t seem to work. This would be a matter of deleting anything with the terms “obat” or “aborsi” or “obat aborsi” in the content (they usually occur in the subject as well as the body text). Is this doable?

There are a few options - you can block, auto-flag or require-approval on posts which contain certain words:


YES! That is exactly what we’re looking for. I’ll take it to the admin team and hopefully get it implemented by the senior staff. THANKS!


If you are not running the Akismet plugin, you will have a bad time with this kind of stuff. I STRONGLY recommend you install and use the Akismet plugin!

There is a reason this plugin defaults on for all our hosting.


We are. These things come up as flagged; it’s just that it’s unique (and annoying) enough that I was hoping for a way to filter it straight to trash.


And you’ve reported all these as spam in the proper manner, so Akismet gets trained… and it’s not flagging them as spam?

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