Statistics regarding registrations (native versus external)

It would be nice to know which users register through one of the external options (Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.) versus creating an account natively through Discourse. If I knew very few people were using the external options, I might remove some (or all) to make the login form simpler.


Agreed, that would be a good thing to show in the admin dashboard at some point @neil.

I don’t think we really need this on the dashboard, but a custom report in /admin/reports makes sense. There are quite a few tables involved though, so reporting is not easy once plugins are involved.

@david I think we kind of forgot about this use case when we redid the interfaces. Not sure how we could swing this short of painfully iterating through every user.


This is something that a new data structure could help with. I’ve written down what I was thinking of here for reference:

At the moment we could still implement this for core auth providers - just read the user_ids from {google,twitter,facebook,...}_user_info tables. Plugins tend to use oauth2_user_infos, so that is achievable. Plugins that use their own data format in PluginStoreRows will be pretty much impossible to provide statistics for with the current structure.