Steam Login / Authentication Plugin


(B Iggy) #46

Hello @def

I think your plugin broke with the discourse 5 patch regarding Font Awesome 5.
The page is broken with the error

Undefined variable: “$fa-var-steam”.\A on line 7 of plugins/discourse-steam-login/auto_generated/plugin_80b807a32d0970c9f414b0eec9dd64acc9fd9c4c.css\A >> content: $fa-var-steam;\A -------------^\A ’

EDIT: After I commented it out in the app.yml and rebuild, the forum worked again.

(Penar Musaraj) #47

I’ve updated the plugin to fix the FA5 issue (commit).


Hi. Thank you guys for working on this!
Is it possible to change the button text somehow? I’d like to replace ‘with’ with the Portuguese translation to keep consistent with my other social logins.
I couldn’t find a way to override the string in the admin dashboard.

(Mittineague) #49

If you’re referring to this text, it won’t be found in Admin

A quick but dirty approach would be to fork the plugin and edit the text in the plugin.rb file. Forking can generally be a bad idea because it essentially becomes your own plugin to maintain, but until / unless the plugin becomes internationalized it should “work”.


Yes, I meant that text! I think if I’m about to work on it, it might as well be helpful to others. Would it be hard to provide i18n support for this plugin?

(Régis Hanol) #51

Better even: do a PR that internationalyze the plugin :wink: