Surface data about users with too many bounces

Building off Handling bouncing e-mails

I’ve had a few cases where a user realized that they weren’t getting emails from our forum. After digging, I saw their bounce count was too high.

I’d like to be able to SEE when this happens…

Put them in one of these categories? Make a new one called Bouncing ?


I check /admin/email/bounced regularly.

It would be nice if there was a display of who has rung the bell.


I use mandrill/mailchimp for outbound mail service, which has a great log of bouncing mail. I check it daily.

We’'re using sparkpost, which I’m not a huge fan of, has horrible reporting, and when I visit the url @JagWaugh so kindly mentioned, I see now that we have 100 failing email addresses… and I didn’t know!

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This is your best bet…

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ok, I had no idea that route existed.

Would someone please make it a button in Admin?

It’s tab #6 on the Emails section.

That’s a list of bounced emails. Sure it’s useful, but doesn’t tell me who’s disabled due to bouncing.

I’m looking for “which users are not able to get email because their bounce count is too high”

This is plainly evident from that page, though. It is in my experience on multiple Discourse sites.

there is a big difference between

  • which emails have bounced
  • which users are no longer getting messages sent because their bounce count is too high

I guess a data explorer plugin query is your huckleberry in that case – go for it!

That is in /admin/logs/staff_action_logs You can filter on “revoke email” to get just users who have bounced themselves out of the discussion.

We had a couple of users who rang the bell fairly regularly. I just kept incrementing the bounce settings until it got better - this reduced the number of emails from them in my helpme@ email.

I’ve still got one user who has some odd ISP which seems to just bounce some of our mail arbitrarily. His ISP support claims our DKIM is wrong, but given that this is the only user who’s emails only bounce occasionally I suspect the problem isn’t on our end.


This view doesn’t allow an admin to click to the user, nor does it reflect when the user is no longer bouncing.

We’ve just changed email service providers, and I need to mark everyone as not-bouncing… I can’t find a good way to do this.

I’ve just exported the list from admin, and it’s got two problems…

using Export from Staff actions doesn’t export only the found-set, so I had to re-filter.

The export has all the user names (162 of them, after removing duplicates) so now I have a list of users who may need to be re-activated, but the bounce on most of these has a timeout so maybe they aren’t bouncing anymore. The export does NOT have the user ID number which I’d need to build a URL to a user’s admin page.

Is there a data-explorer query that can provide a link to all users who are currently bouncing?

So what’s your current setting? I also have the feeling that the limit of three bounced doesn’t quite do the job for me but was hesitant to change the default setting…

Threshold=6, Reset=3, otherwise default.

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The default is 30. Isn’t 3 a bit quick reset? Anyway, my issues are obviously not as serious as yours, so I’ll stick to 30 for now.

30 is the deactivate threshold. I meant “bounce score threshold”=6, “reset bounce score after days”=3

Yes, I’m talking about reset bounce score after days. Its default value is 30. At least on my instance.

I was having trouble with only a couple of users who had random bounces. (one quite regularly). Stopping mails for a month to them meant that they would then mail my helpme email and say “I’m not getting any mails anymore”, so I raised the count of bounces till suspension, and reduced the duration of the suspension,
Every now and then someone PMs a dormant imported account, but that’s fairly rare.

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