TL0 users should be allowed to post pictures

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I’ve run into this many, many times now. It’s not uncommon that what compels a new or lurking user to make a post is to do some form of show & tell. It could be:

  • Something they made
  • A problem they’re illustrating
  • Participating in an ongoing gag

I always feel like a new user has been given an unnecessarily cold greeting when they have to point out in their post that - as much as they would like to - they can’t paste a picture, because they’re not allowed yet.

So instead of disallowing image links altogether, couldn’t we just be a bit more cautious about it instead? I’d suggest putting images from TL0 users behind a “click-to-show” protection, kind of like this:

There are many options for such a layer:

  1. Just a solid color overlay with a “play/show” button of sorts, similar to the above.
  2. A spoiler tag
  3. A heavily blurred out image

Number 3 would require more post-processing on Discourse’s side, but it’d look pretty cool though ^^

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This is already a site setting…
newuser max images defaults to 0, but you can change it.

Although, it doesn’t do the second part, blurring it out or forcing a click to see it.

Yeah thinking about relaxing this default since “create new account, post gore or porn images” has not come up too much in practice.


From what I’ve seen the usual TL0 post image attempt is a screenshot of a problem.
The usual TL0 “abuse” goal is a link drop.

I’m all for loosening the image restriction a bit (and possibility tightening the link restriction) for TL0s

Seeing as this can be tweaked via the ACP I don’t see what the problem is, other than most don’t take the time to learn what the defaults are.


:thumbsup: I guess just relaxing the default would do the trick. The extra UX stuff is kind of overkill ^^

OK, I increased the new user max image limit default to 1.