Topic auto tagging

Can you share a link to your plugin, @pfaffman?

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I want to automatically tag all topics that contain video urls (regex from a list?) in the first post with a “video” tag and display those video tag pages in each category with masonry css and thumbnails. How to achieve that?

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This would indeed be cool. Especially in combination with the RSS plugin. It’s then possible to auto tag certain autocreated posts. Which provides hands free auto injection and indexing of topics. Creating a true automatic knowledge base for the community.

Auto-tagging is really problematic issue. It teaches everyone, users and admins, to use tags such way that leads to situation where no one is not actually using tags.

Everything just because bot will tag everyhing where is one keyword, even when that post isn’t relevant.

In this topic can found three main reasons to use tags:

  • sub-category other than topicwise (like tagging all videos; users seldom searches just videos, so this is just for admin and even he/she doesn’t really needs it)
  • detailed search used as menutype element (like tagging iPhone; users never want to find everything under keyword iPhone, they want to know something like why discourse app crashes on iPhone)
  • vertical taxonomy expanding categories using structure that helps a user, not admin as tagging is quite often builded (that can’t be automated easily with normal tools, perhaps somekind AI can solve this out someday)

Because of constantly misuse of tags, tag pollution and hashtags like Instagram, users have learned not to use tags. Tags should narrowing hits, make things more spesific, not expanding.

This topic (and Meta itself quite often) is an good/bad example. How many relevant used tags you can find?


It’s quite an old topic :slight_smile: My specific need was to “almost” auto-tag topics… meaning I would have specified what exact tags I want (iphone, ipad, macbook, macbookpro, macbookair etc) and then if Topic title had for example word “iphone” in it, it would be tagged automatically. And this category was strictly buy/sell category so… it would have been great to filter by “iphone” tag to get all the topics where iPhone was sold. But we managed without it actually :wink:

Yes it is :sweat_smile: But right away when happends two things, as a new post or automatic bump by forum, the topic will be relevant.

But the main question itself is evergreen.

I understand what you were looking for, and this is fundamentalistic (is that even a word in english?) problem in websites in general - using tags when search is better and a tag will give unrelated hits.

Discourse itself is an issue too. Because lack of sub-sub-categories even docs teach to use tags as catgories and that is wrong in so many ways.

But… now I’m repeating myself. And that is more wrong than misuse of tags :rofl:

This is now implemented per: settings->customize->watched words->tag