Topic list on the right side

Hi at all!

In the topic Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript I saw this.

While reading the first post, on the right side is a list of headings. Only when you come to the second post you see again the list with the date when a post was written.

How to do it? Or does this happen automatically as soon as you insert a headline in the post?

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This is not a topic list but a summary of this guide. It uses Disco TOC a great theme component


Sorry I didn’t know the name for this “topic list”. :grin:

But yes you’re right, it’s a toc.

And many thanks for the link! :+1: That is what I was looking for.

In the topic for the theme component I saw this screenshot.

So my question is, where can I found the plugin/theme component “Blur Spoiler”?
I have looked in the whole forum but I can’t find it.

found it!


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