Topic Ratings Plugin

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but when posting, can not see rating widget.

Could you provide the discourse version which tested successfully with this plugin?

Or should I modify some config in the develoment env after download the code into plugins folder?

I have tried to make rating work for me.

Thanks very much!

There is also one problem, my star is disappeared. LOL

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I have tested topic preview list plugin V2 and topic rating plugin, both of them worked abnormal with discourse V1.6.0.
About topic preview list plugin V2, I can not see thumb picture when post has image. But if setting the default image, I can see that thumb picture.

(Angus McLeod) #64

@11147 When developing plugins on your local you need to do three things each time you install a new plugin to be sure you’re seeing the real plugin behavior:

  1. rm rf tmp in your root directory.

  2. Clear cached images and files in your browser.

  3. Run sidekiq.

If you do those things this plugin will work on your local.

For example:

(smartwatchme) #65

Did SEO friendly ratings ever make it in as a feature?

(Angus McLeod) #66

I haven’t looked at that yet. I can take a look on the weekend.

Could you explain the existing Discourse behavior (I’ve never really investigated it in Discourse before), and how you expect ratings to fit into that, to give me a head start?

Discourse dislike Api?
(Daniela) #67

Submitted a PR for italian translation (sorry for the delay).

(EW 👌) #68

Thank you for this lovely plugin.

I think it would be better to round the rating number I’m getting it like this

(EW 👌) #69

When creating a topic with rating, its giving an error:

and its cleans the topic’s edit widow from its edited contents. When I click [cancel] for the reply, then [Yes, abandon]. I see no topic added. But after I refresh the browser, I see that the topic has been created.

Then I tried to reply to that topic with another user, the same error, also with cancelling its still created. But this time without rating (another time created with rating). and when you cancel, its clear the rest of the window in the browser like this:

After browser refresh, you see the topic created (this time without rating but another time happened with rating).

From the same user I’d tried to reply again. Every time you got the error for sure!. This time its saved the rating:

When I’d tried another time. It’s allowed the second user to rate twice. At the above example it was by chance that the first reply got no rating.

Please inform me if any fix for these errors.

Note 1:
I’m using Discourse (1.7.0.beta6) at Digital Ocean Droplet, 2GB, Ubuntu 14.04

Note 2:
At the Admin/plugin/settings for this rating plugin, you are getting the list of all plugins’s settings! It would be nice to have only the plugin related settings listed.

(Angus McLeod) #70

Hey thanks for the bug report! This was caused by a recent change in how the topic controller is included in the composer controller.

Now fixed.

(Angus McLeod) #71

I’ve added a setting to allow multiple tags to be used to designate a ratings topic.

@zogstrip Could you wikify the first post of this topic? I can’t edit it anymore and would like to update the feature description. Thanks.

(Régis Hanol) #72

Your topic shall be Wikified :sparkles:

(EW 👌) #73

Thank you @angus, I’m really happy to hear that you fixed it :slight_smile: :+1:

(I hope that you had a chance to round the number too)

Edit 1: I just updated the plugin. I found the followings:

  • The numbers still not rounded. if 3 users give 2, 2, 4 the ratings result became (2.3333333333333335) which is so eye catching!. Yes, you could hide it from the settings but then 2 of 5 stars is not giving a good idea as rating. Instead, putting (2.3) would be much better in my opinion.

  • The user after replying with Ratings, he could edit the reply but the rating change is not saved. Could be nice to allow the change in case if any user mistake correction.

  • The topic which had ratings stars, is listed without stars when the selected view desktop_category_page_style = Categories and Latest Topics (from Admin settings/basic setup/desktop category page style)

  • I loved the idea to be able to make the post/reply with rating enabled by adding a special triggering Tag :+1:

When reading your To do list, I’m so excited to see the followings done;

2.-Created a sorted topic list (highest to lowest) of all topics within a ratings category or with the ‘rating’ tag.
5.-Allow the user to choose the number of total stars in a rating.
6.-Allow the user to change the rating item image (i.e. use something other than stars).
7.-Add topic rating to page description in search results.

I wish I had the ability to help in coding :frowning: but at least I could offer to help in translating to Arabic and to Turkish languages. But I never did it before for a plugin, if you could show me where and how. I’ll be happy to contribute.

(Angus McLeod) #74

I’m doing a refactor of this plugin at the moment. The logic is considerably outdated. I should be done in a day or so.

(Angus McLeod) #75

I’ve finished the refactoring. The logic is still quite complex so there may be some remaining issues, but I’ve tested it a fair bit.

New or updated ratings will be rounded to the nearest decimal place. If you edit a post with a rating in an existing topic this will prompt the rating to update to a rounded number.

This bug is fixed.

There are no plugin outlets in that view yet, so this is not (yet) possible. Right @zogstrip?

(Régis Hanol) #76

Feel free to submit a PR to fix that :wink:

(EW 👌) #77

Sorry its me again.

When I’m creating a regular topic (in a category settings unchecked for rating), if I select any tag for that topic, when clicking to create that topic I’m getting this error :


  • There is no error logs
  • I have only one tag for rating as default and named “rating” (and I’m not using it in this topic creation)
  • This is happening with any chosen non-rating tag
  • When I’m getting this error, there is no rating check box or the stars showed. (as should be)
  • Even if I cleared the selected tag, I’m not able to create that topic anymore. I should cancel and recreate a new topic without touching the tagging field. Then no problems.

(EW 👌) #78

Dear @angus,

Its been some days I didn’t get a response from you regarding my last reported bug. I know that’s your style is to come back with a solution :wink: and I like it. I’m just curious if you had a chance to put hands on it yet.

It’s been busy days for every body but this bug is preventing us from using Tags in our posts. Just inform me please, if it will take longer, I would uninstall the plugin till its fixed.


Your plugin is simply amazing!!!

I am thinking to an anonymous voting scenario.
Discourse already supports anonymous users, but it would be great to also allow blind voting:

  1. a user can only see his/her own votes
  2. administrators can/cannot see votes
    (configurable flag to also allow them to blind vote)
  3. when blind voting is disabled everyone can see votes

Voting and blind voting could have different configurable time frames (from start date to end date).

Votes and their average (both stars and number) can adopt the same permissions of the category/topic/comment/reply or can be set as invisible for users not logged in.

(Angus McLeod) #80

@Luca interesting ideas!

Would you use this feature? What kind of situations can you see anonymous ratings being useful for?

This would be more applicable for voting per se as opposed to rating I think. I would first have to support voting. But there is already a native Discourse voting feature.

In what kind of situations can you see this being useful?