Topic Status API

I’m working on a few API calls for the topic status{id}~1status/put

I can close a topic just fine, but none of the other options seem to reopen it.

Am i missing something dumb or is that not an option? or is there a better way.

The ask that I am trying to achieve is for a topic to be closed “locked” temporarily to prevent posting during the Night Phase of our forum mafia game. I would need it to be reopened During the next day phase.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

The standard response is to do whatever you want in the UX and reverse engineer the Discourse API from there.


Thank you was able to find the values i needed. the status stayed. "closed" but enabled changed to false

now just working through the rest of my issues!

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Awesome! I can never guess when this answer will be exactly what someone needs vs seeming sarcastic and unhelpful! Good luck with the rest of your project!

yea im just slogging through some node js that i’m not super familiar with. all the curl requests work but trying to convert them into node

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