Topics solved by regular users

Topics solved by regular users

(There is probably a way to combine this query with the staff query.)

The number of topics solved by staff for a given time period, broken down by categories. The categories array can be altered by editing this line: WHERE t.category_id = ANY ('{46,25,43,40,44,35,22,7,20,17,6,12}'::int[]). It is possible to alter the query so that it returns results for all categories, or so that the categories array is supplied as a string parameter in the form {1, 2, 3}.

-- [params]
-- int :months_ago = 1

WITH query_period AS (
date_trunc('month', CURRENT_DATE) - INTERVAL ':months_ago months' as period_start,
date_trunc('month', CURRENT_DATE) - INTERVAL ':months_ago months' + INTERVAL '1 month' - INTERVAL '1 second' as period_end

COUNT(1) AS solved_count
FROM user_actions ua
JOIN topics t
ON = ua.target_topic_id
JOIN query_period qp
ON ua.created_at >= qp.period_start
AND ua.created_at <= qp.period_end
JOIN users u
ON = ua.user_id
WHERE t.category_id = ANY ('{46,25,43,40,44,35,22,7,20,17,6,12}'::int[])
AND ua.action_type = 15
AND (u.admin = 'f' AND u.moderator = 'f')
GROUP BY t.category_id
ORDER BY solved_count DESC