Traditional multi level hierarchy vs flat discourse hierarchy

thank you very much for the positive feedback, so anything besides the map could be done by ourselves :smiley: but we have to code a bit to customize the theme the way we like.

To get an idea of the roadmap getting this done, can you confirm, correct, extend or answer the following

  1. :question: ensure that we can create endless (only limited by page size) tag dropdowns, with selection on tags based on its previous dropdown.
    @angus, can you confirm that is possible in principle?
  2. :question: can category and tag search merged as asked in 2. in the last (third) list.
  3. :factory: establish a tag hierarchy comparable to what is shown in the OP. This is the very fundamental, without that, this project is doomed.
  4. :factory: introduce auto-tagging
    1. :question: :arrow_forward: :factory: can this only be done by a plugin as indicated in Topic auto tagging
      :arrow_right: see Tags: category restrictions, tag groups, relationships
  5. :factory: implementing the enhanced Locations Plugin :star_struck:

if we go down this road I will definitely respond to the generous offer

That is currently unlikely as our community is about to make its very first step and revenue will be on a very low level, moreover we are non-profit.