Trigger javascript on clicking any page link, but before the page content loads?

When we change page in Discourse, these are the apparent steps:

  1. We click on the link
  2. The current content disappears and the loader appears
  3. The URL is updated and the new content appears

This is slightly different when we go from a page to the home, as the URL is changed to the home URL when the current content disappears, and not when the new content appears.

My goal is to have a script that is executed as soon as we click any page link on Discourse.
api.onPageChange won’t fit in this case since the code is executed quite at the same time the new page content is loaded.

Is there a Discourse method for that? I look at the event triggers but didn’t find any one corresponding to what I need.

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Hey :wave:

There’s currently no method in the Plugin-API that will allow you to fire a script before a page transition because this has not come up before as far as I recall.

That said, you can leverage on the willTransition() action in the application route

You would use something that like this in your theme / component

// this fires after the transition
api.onPageChange((url, title) => {
  console.log("after transition");

// this fires right before the transition
api.modifyClass("route:application", {
  pluginId: "some-name",
  actions: {
    willTransition() {
      // run core code first
      // then do some work
      console.log("before transition");
      // you can also do something like this to see what data you have
      // to work with like _router


Exactly what I needed. Thanks!