Trying to launch discourse to our membership?


I am trying to send out an email to our membership to launch our Discourse platform. We had a host company help us integrate it. I’m an administrator with no background on how this works. Can someone assist to help me send out the first welcome message out?

Can I call someone for support


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Do you know if your site is hosted by us (Discourse)? If so, we can give you private support. You’ll find the email address for our support team near the top of your site’s admin dashboard.

If your site is not hosted by Discourse, can you share some more details about what you are trying to do? It sounds to me like what you might want to do is send invitations to your forum to a list of email addresses. If so, you can find details about sending invites in this topic: How to send, configure, and accept Discourse invitation emails.


I am trying to send an automated email to the entire membership in our database. I thought discobot sent message to the entire group. So, I modified the text then turned on the email notifications.

How do I send out automatic emails to our community?

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Your existing users will have already seen the discobot’s welcome message when they first created their account on your site, so they are not likely going to see your modified text. New users should see it when they first create an account on the site though.

There is nothing built into Discourse that is designed to send a mass email to all users on your site. It would be best to use an external email service to send this type of email.

To notify all users on your site of an important announcement, the recommended Discourse approach is to create either a pinned topic or a banner topic. To do this, create a topic for your announcement, then click the topic’s admin wrench:

Select “Pin Topic” from the menu that appears. Then select the appropriate type of pinned topic from the modal window that opens:

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you looking to send out bulk invitations (first time emails) to members on your database? The question is how you are setting up signing in… SSO? Local login? By Invite only?
You can send bulk invitations through the Admin Dashboard. Click on Users, then Send Invites:

Then click Bulk Invite from File. The file has to be cvs file. The link below this screenshot tells you what is needed and where to put it in your file.

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