Unable to mention groups

It happens here on Meta and also on my forum (just updated).

When typing @ followed by a group name, the auto complete pop up shows only username and not groups name

I’ve tried it with both moderators and admins, I do not see anything

The auto complete works if I try with custom groups if the name is composed only of one word (it works for translators but not for plugin_authors or theme_authors and so on)

Maybe the bug is related to this discussion Group long names - help give full citizenship to groups for mentions, messaging, group pages?


Did we regress here @tgxworld?

I think so. I noticed the other day that you can’t invite the moderators group to a PM, and I think this used to work.

It may be related to Group mention prevents editing topic. I have upgraded to v1.9.0.beta12 +5 recently and removed the suspected plugin, but keep having error 500. Group mentions seem to work (I do have groups popping up when using @, and the group members seem to be receiving the notifications.)

Pleas be sure to look at this today @tgxworld

Are you 100% both of these are selected appropriately ?



Yea not sure about the previous value but the current settings for moderators here on meta are:

Screenshot from 2017-10-11 15-33-03

Same for @Jean11 here on meta as well.

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We need repros on your instances, not ours.

The settings for all the automatic groups have changed to nobody also on my forum.
I had already changed the settings on “only admins and mods”, so they were reset to “nobody” after the update.

For custom groups at a certain point I suspect that the permission on Meta have been changed from “all” to “only group members, moderators and admins”, that’s why I can see and mention “translators” but not the other custom groups.

Regardless of the setting, I’m sure that in the past all the groups were visible when you typed them on the editor.
When someone who did not have the permissions typed the name of the group a popup warning that no notifications would be sent to the members of that group.


The settings have not been changed. They are what the settings used to be since we set the new columns using the previous alias_level


Ahh this might be my “bug”. I “fixed” it such that if a group is not mentionable, they wouldn’t appear in the autocomplete. I found it weird that you would be able to autocomplete a group but not have it become a mention

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Mine were all nobody, nobody. Changed now.

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Well, on my forum, users often use to mention a group (without sending notifications) to make it clear that the message they are posting is only for the attention of group X and not everyone.

Without the ability to mention groups (without notifications) I suspect they will start to make multiple mentions of members of certain groups on many posts.

For your use case described, should the group be mentionable then?

We always try to avoid unnecessary notifications, so in general, only administrators and moderators can mention groups (and send notifications to all group members).

For all others, users and group members (non-staff), are just enough to indicate which group they are writing but without sending any notification.

However, the message is read in general, and if it is a really important message, a staff member mentions the group to request a response.

So the answer to your question is Yes.