Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 before July 2023

As per the announcement from Google, GA3 will be unsupported after 1st July 2023. To continue receiving valuable insights and analytics for your site’s performance, upgrade to GA4.

How to upgrade Discourse GA version

  1. Head to Admin > Settings and look for the ga version site setting

  2. If it is set to v3_analytics, switch it to v4_gtag

Additional context

:information_source: If you have defined any custom events in theme components, you will need to update them to use the new gtag API instead of ga.


Many thanks for making that so simple.


Is anyone else getting a crazy number of Page Views with GA4?

Run a sports forum and our team is doing well but even so I’m registering nearly 4 million page views a month which is huge compared to my usual about 1.2 million on the old analytics.

Also, Google AdSense is showing only 200K or so page views even though i have ads on every page.

For the last 28 days getting in GA4

Discourse is showing:

Adsense is showing only:


Anyone any idea whats going on