Upgraded to 2.5.0beta4 and now YouTube og:image is not being picked up

After updating to the 2.5.0beta4 today I noticed that article posts that do not have an image but rather have a YouTube video are having a problem with the og:image and it no longer takes the video thumbnail to represent the og:image.

This is causing problems with sharing the material as it uses the default (logo) image which is not attractive and also making the “discourse homepage feature component” imageless.

Can someone please look into it.

Sample example --> 5 really cool Raze gernades for Haven - Training - Tournamust


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Thanks for reporting - I’ve been working on some changes to the topic image logic recently, so I’ll take a look :eyes:

Can you tell me if you have pull hotlinked images enabled?


Sorry not sure where to check this. Still new …

This should be resolved by


After updating, you will need to :gear: Rebuild HTML on posts for the thumbnail to be re-fetched.