Use Discourse Connect with Wordpress and regular login

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Is it possible to activate the login with Wordpress through Discourse Connect and also the regular Discourse login and sign up?

What happens when a user creates an account with Discourse and then uses the same email to login through Wordpress with Discourse Connect?


No, if you enable DiscourseConnect, users will only be able to login to your Discourse site through your WordPress site.

This may not be an issue for you, as it is not possible to allow users to login to Discourse both via Discourse connect and directly through the Discourse site. It may be a relevant issue if you have users who have created accounts on Discourse prior to your having enabled DiscourseConnect. For that case, as long as your WordPress site is using the default WordPress registration system, existing users will be found on Discourse based on their email address when they first login to Discourse via your WordPress site.


Thank you for the information!

The reason to do this is because I have a issue when users register through Wordpress. Could you help me with this?

Here is the topic: Error creating account in Wordpress with Discourse Connect

Also, what would happen with the accounts created in Wordpress if I disable Discourse Connect and enable the default login system?

Will they have to reset their password?

Have a look at Debug and fixing common DiscourseConnect issues. If you can not sort out the problem yourself, post a redacted version of an error log entry here, someone may be able to help.

I do not think the error you are reporting is a Discourse bug.

If you disable DiscourseConnect, users who have created accounts on Discourse via your WordPress site will have to click the “I forgot my password” link from the Discourse login modal and use the email they are sent to reset their password.

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