Users cannot change the color of links (with BBCode) anymore

Before our forum software got updated to 2.8.0.beta6, I used to nest the color tag in links - e.g.:


Now I need to use HTML… which does not work here either:

[<font color=cyan>Discourse</font>](

(Due to new user restrictions I had to remove the actual links from this post.)

It really looks nice in this table.

Maybe you want Discourse BBCode color? Or maybe there’s an issue with it?

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This issue is the anchor, remove it and the colour works fine:


Otherwise the BBCode colour scheme is not parsed correctly.

If you wrap it the other way:


The CSS for anchor takes precedence, even though the BBColor is rendered as good html styling.

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That is what we have been using. IIRC it has been list in the plugins list since we switched to Discourse.

But I want the link and the custom color.

It used to work before. Was that not intended?

You’ll need the maintainers to weigh in.

I looked at that post in raw and it’s not using vanilla BBCode:

[<font color=slategray>Necromancer</font>](/tags/pure-necromancer)

This seems to work.


That’s because BBCode is not running on Meta?

Demo on one of my sites which is: RIP Sir Clive Sinclair - News - Rideables

Yes, I switched to HTML earlier today. In the past BBCode worked, too. While other users don’t mind, I wanted to avoid the use of HTML.

I dug into the plugin code briefly. Tbh nothing appears to have changed BBCode plugin side functionally for about 4 years? All the commits since appear to be just coding standards and repo CI stuff?

Thank you very much. Yes, it was one of the first things I noticed after the update to 2.8.0.beta6. So, I assume either the plugin needs an update or Discourse a bug fix.

Or I need to be content with using HTML, too. But I find it messy to use three markup languages.

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