Using Discourse for Comments?

One of my clients wants to add comments section on his website right under the tool. That too with functionality of giving badges to the commenters like we have in discourse. Without the badges thing, the comments are really simple to implement with Disqus.

Firstly, as far as I have implemented Discourse, it works like forum. Is there any way to use it just for the comments part? If yes, then, will the badges work by default for the commenters?

Appreciate your help on this.

Edit: Thanks, this is resolved! :sunglasses: rock emoji

For comments, see here Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript. Badges are awarded as people use the Discourse community. If comments are made in the Discourse community and they are then displayed on your site, it should work. This is the way.


Thanks @osioke for the guide. I have two questions now.

  1. As per my understanding, commenters need to signup on discourse to comment… right?
  2. Badges will work out of the box but will be given not only for the comment but also upon the user’s activity on discourse… right?

Yes to both questions!

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Cool. Let me pitch this to the client. I am sure it would be fun to implement this! :sunglasses: :metal:

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