Vagrantfile in discourse_docker repo - for production?

Is the file supposed to be used for production?

If yes, how one can reach the discourse installation inside? (by default it maps to

Or should I just copy it and use it as a template?

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No it is not. It was originally used for development of the Docker files. As no maintainer uses it anymore I will delete it. Thanks for the heads up.

For running Discourse in production please follow Discourse official Standard Installation.


I have been using the vagrantfile to test the discourse docker image build on my mac until 2.5.0.beta4. We have some custom templates, custom app.yml, etc. Testing image build via the launcher script helps confirm that nothing is broken before deploying it. Our pipeline doesn’t need vagrant, but locally I don’t know any other way of running the launcher script other than the vagrant vm. After upgrading to 2.5.0.beta7, I realized that vagrantfile is removed, so I can’t build the discourse image locally any more.

What is your recommendation on building the discourse docker image locally on a mac?

You will need a virtualized linux environment for that. As said above no maintainers used the vagrant setup so it was prone to bit rot and not something we could support. Currently both development and automated builds of the image happen in a Linux environment.

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