What data is available about posts, to design analytics to understand student engagement and understanding?

I’d need to test or scour the code to see what that issue might be, which is beyond what I can do for free. I’m pretty sure that first_day applies to just that, but I don’t really know.

My hunch is that the TL0 restrictions are your problem.

The problem that people most often complain about is that the new user restrictions are too restrictive. Unless you think that your learners are really spammers, holding them back to TL0 is probably a mistake, and that whatever you’re trying to do might be better solved with badges and group permissions.

Yes, I reset the TL0 values for posts and reads and gave a slight increment to the time. Now it works. Thank you for the suggestion. I have now adjusted my TL2 promotion settings to ensure that learners have to engage more in the forum.