What determines the order of frequent poster icons in the topic list?

I looked a bit for the “featured” ranking algorithm but gave up looking for now.

Using Topic Ratings Plugin as an example

The avatars are

angus - Original Poster, Most Recent Poster (28)
fackelwind - Frequent Poster (10)
zogstrip - Frequent Poster (2) [2/ 1]
envieme - Frequent Poster (4) [1]
repz - Frequent Poster (next to last)

So it looks like the number of posts in the thread is important, as are the “last” posts.
i.e. a combination of both post count and post sequence.

The odd man out here is zogstrip who has only 2 posts in the topic yet is before envieme who has 4 posts in the topic.

Reason? My guess would be that Staff or maybe Trust Level are weighted more.

I suspected the number of Likes might be a factor, but if it is it doesn’t look to be in this case.

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