What else do I need to take care of when self hosting?

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What about mails and plugins in case of a self hosted solution?
How do I get plugins if I self host myself.
Obviously I’ll have to look after the mail integration as well, right?

What else will I have to take care of?

Most plugins worth their salt are in #plugin (non-functioning, broken plugins are moved to the sub-cateogry)

Yes, see: discourse/INSTALL-email.md at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub

  • Backups:
  • Upgrades (suggest once a month) from either ssh command line or Docker Manager screen via Dashboard.

And to add to Robert’s already detailed reply, you’ll also need to take care troubleshooting your Discourse instance and getting support from the community. Search, #support and #installation are very useful for this.

But if you follow the official install guide, you know your way around a server and are a seasoned Discourse user, then self-hosting is a very good option.


I’ve had a frightening number of people do absolutely nothing and not come back to me for years after I’ve done an installation wanting an upgrade. I don’t recommend that.

If you push backups to S3 and have that configuration in your yml file, then the yml file is all you need to recover from a catastrophy.

Mostly you can do upgrades from the web interface, but about 3x/year you need to do a command line upgrade, which is usually as simple as ./launcher rebuild app. Sometimes, it’s a bit more complicated. I offer a service where I do those upgrades when they are required, but I suspect you don’t need that.