While using DiscourseConnect, is the CONFIRM Account needed?

We have been using discourse connect for sometime. Even though the user creation is authenticated via our internal system, discourse still send the user “CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT” email.

Note: The Internal System is already double opt-in.


  1. Is only users who confirmed the account will receive Digest email?
  2. If yes, is there a way to de-activate that. And the email digest goes to all users who are added in discourse system.
  3. If the first answer is no, I can simply de-activate “CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT” email.
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There’s a parameter that you can pass that tells DiscourseConnect that you’ve authenticated the email. I can’t remember what it is, but I think if you look in the docs or spec you should be able to find it.

Are you setting require_activation in the SSO payload?


Yes the require_activation parameter is being included in the payload. We are sending this as true.

so if we send that as false, Can we de-activate the confirm account email?


Yes; setting require_activation to true is telling Discourse that, essentially, the email is unconfirmed and Discourse needs to confirm it itself.


One last question, as all previous users who have not confirmed this, can i manually update this users status?

Yes - if you run activate! on the User object from the console, it’ll activate them.

Also, you might be able to use the sync_sso endpoint with the right parameters… but I’m not sure about that. Similarly, it might activate them next time they log in if the right parameters are passed.

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Thanks Michael, is there a document you can refer me to identify where I can find the exact things to run on the console? (Like the folder section where this need to run, and the command)

From from the rails console, as an example:

User.find_by(username: 'bbaggins').activate!
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