Why bother with the minimum character requirement for replies?

Our board is a hangout, there’s almost no formal Q&A. On traditional boards we used there would be an informal method of agreeing with someone in which you would simply quote their post and submit that, sort of like quoting and saying “this” or :point_up_2:. Most boards would discourage it, but large quote pyramids were a standard result at times.

After switching to Discourse, many of our members took issue with the inability to do this. Now that I think of it, we haven’t been seeing any of those anymore because of this. Maybe I’d change my mind seeing them reintroduced, but looking back on it (with possibly rose-tinted glasses) is a bit sad.

Making an empty post is less of an issue. It can be achieved anyways by inserting a <br>.

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I would be very surprised to hear that people totally abandoned a community just because they refuse to add an emoji or letter after a quote

I think a much more likely reason is that the system is new and people hate change, Discourse introduces mountains of change over “traditional” forums.


Haha, you’d be surprised how much of an uproar there was over a few things. I didn’t expect it, but it took a bit of time for people to get used to the lack of pages. People argued in favor of pages for a while, and some still mention it now and then, but obviously there’s no changing that.

I think generally we maybe expected more flexibility than we found in Discourse. It shows up in odd places. It’s still a better alternative for a lot of different reasons. I can’t confirm how many have left for one or another reason; I think the people who actively complain were just expecting lots of good change and no bad change. I’ve been surprised by a couple of things, but when I post about them here it’s generally in trying to fix something harmless that the users would enjoy.

Unfortunately the few devs that we have in our group either don’t have the time or don’t have the expertise to do much development on plugins or Discourse, but I saw this topic and wanted to mention that maybe an old feature (minimum post length zero) had possibly disappeared erroneously. Hardly a critical feature, but if it’s actually still working and I just don’t know what I’m doing then I’d love to hear about it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Really loving Discourse, it’s fast, very functional and has a lot of things to configure (which is good).
I’ve run into a specific scenario. We have a Question/Answer style of forum, sometimes the questions are very small and don’t require a post body but there is the admin interface limit of minimum 1 character

  1. Can the limit be made configurable individually for the OP and the people replying? (i.e. I would like the possibility of the OP not requiring a body and the people replying have a specific reply length requirement.
  2. Possibility of the limits being set to 0. ( it will only limit the use cases of a stock Discourse installation. )

Also, is it possible to change the template of the topic through a plugin? (Should I look into plugin development?)

  1. No
  2. No
  3. Topic template is set at the category level, that is not relevant to this topic

A character counter on bottom of the composer could be useful. We are using external sites when we work on character limited texts.