Why my forum not pop-up "Add to Home screen"(PWA) automatically?

This is my forum, and when I using Android version Chrome to visiting it, it isn’t pop-up “Add to Home screen” automatically. So, how to let it pop-up automatically?


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It is not https for one thing and that is required for it to work…


Run ./discourse-setup again and provide an email for Let’s Encrypt when asked. After the site is back up, visit the wizard and upload all necessary logos.


When I run ./discourse-setup again and provide an email for Let’s Encrypt, it shows:

Let's Encrypt will be enabled for tricklehub@gmail.com
web.ssl.template.yml NOT ENABLED--was it on already?
letsencrypt.ssl.template.yml NOT ENABLED -- was it on already?

Unfortunately, there was an error changing

-d This may happen if you have made unexpected changes.
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Looks like ./discourse-setup can’t handle that.

So you will need to edit the app.yml.

cd /var/discourse
nano containers/app.yml

Remove the # in the start of the lines that mention one of the following (they should be at the top of the file)

  • web.ssl.template.yml
  • letsencrypt.ssl.template.yml

Also remove the # in the line that mentions Let’s Encrypt email, and put a valid email in the front.

After that running a ./launcher rebuild app should do it.


Should this work @pfaffman?

It’s a little fragile. My best guess is that he first uncommented those templates by hand, but didn’t set the let’s encrypt email address. Mostly, if you edit app.yml, yourself you’re on your own, especially if you break something.

Edit: I presume “this” means discourse-setup.


So a part of this guide is wrong, you don’t need to edit this:

- "templates/web.template.yml"

It tries to tell you not to follow the guide because you’ll likely do it wrong and to instead do it the easy way.

And now it says


@Falco Wait, it still not pop-up “Add to Home screen” automatically.

That happens now for two reasons:

  1. You didn’t upload logos in the wizard. Please visit https://discussions.tricklehub.com/wizard and fill all the logos. In special, the large logo is mandatory.

  2. You did check native app install banner in the site settings. Disable that for the PWA install banner.


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