Wide image extending until search icon?

Considering this screenshot:

Is there a way to have wide image that can cover the whole area extending until the search icon (top right) instead of being restricted to this very narrow area stopping above the “Latest” button?
With the lack of organic communication with my group that is forced to telework, I would like to put a wide image with a photo of all of them next to each other, just to give a sense of organic presence of the group.

With a custom theme or component, you should be able to change the width of the box and the logo. I styled the following:

.d-header .title, .d-header #site-logo {
width: 90%;

And was able to get this result:

I’d assume that with your image it would look better. And you can play around with the width to get it how you want it to look.

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Is there a documentation to see where that kind of code goes? Is that CSS?

See this post and this post.
All you need to do is add/change the CSS.

Oh, and yes, that is CSS.

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