Wiki table of contents on standard plan

I’m currently evaluating the standard plan and one of the features I need is the ability to use the Wiki topic types. What I need to know is can I create a table of contents for a wiki post using this plan?

I’m needing something similar to this on posts:


Thanks for any advice you can offer.

That’s a core feature, so you’ll have it on whatever plan you get.

That’s from the disco-toc theme component, so yes on all plans except basic.

Thank you for the reply. I’m not seeing the option to add the table of contents when I create a wiki post. I have added section headings, but don’t see the ability to add the toc.

You’d need to add the discotoc theme component to your site and add it to your theme for it t be avalible.

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search “discotoc theme component”



Got it! Thanks folks. Appreciate the guidance!

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