Work with discourse users on an SPA

I am trying to find a way to get user specific data in an SPA from discourse.

Rough setup
SPA running at
Discourse running at

The SPA has no own user management, i would like to use discourse for that (because we have no other user specific stuff that would need an own user management)

But i would like to show the currently logged in user of discourse at the SPA, as well as show a widget of the unread topics (which are user specific) for example, so i need to load data via API from discourse.

Things i tried:

  • Use the Discourse SSO Path, which then redirects back to my SPA. Its fine, i get the current users email address, external id and so on - but nothing i could do the request with (token / key)
  • Playing with cookie settings to be able to use the discourse cookie to make the request (no success)
  • I have read about the user api key at User API keys specification, but i would feel weird for the user to allow an app, which is the same site, to access their discourse account.

Is there any possibility to achieve the behaviour i want?


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Would this work?

  1. Use DiscourseConnect (“Discourse SSO”) as described to get the username for the current user.
  2. Make an API key with the scopes you need and “all users” access.
  3. Obviously you can’t pass that key to the web app on the client side without compromising the site, so you’ll need to proxy requests from the web app through that apps’ backend to your Discourse instance. (And you’d need to validate that the username is legit from the backend — I haven’t looked at DiscourseConnect but presumably there’s a way to do that.)

(PS: I recommend using ‘’ for your example domain. Someone could buy the one you’ve linked to and set up spam or malware or whatever, whereas example.[com|org|net] are officially reserved.)

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Yeah that’s actually the way I used to implement it now.

Sending the user through the SSO, the Middleware creates a simple user with name, email and a token array, creates a token, passes it back to the SPA.

The middleware proxies the requests to discourse with an all user API key and validates the “session token” (to see which user it is) and some other security magic.

To let the user stay logged in I will use a cookie / local storage and will sync the logout via the logout direct option of discourse.

It works, but I still believe there should be a better option than handling with an admin API token in combination with a username. It breaks if some admin will change the username of someone… I would like a hash ID or something like that… But nothing I can change, so I will live with it :wink:

Thanks for your answer.