Wp-discourse-shortcodes plugin

(Simon Cossar) #42

I got some funding to do this recent work on it. It will be safe to use by the end of the week. Right now, it’s lacking documentation and the options page needs to be cleaned up. I’m supporting the plugin, so if people use it now and run into any problems, I’ll fix it.


I’m a newb to wordpress and discourse… coming from a good php background with other forum software.

I have WP and Discourse installed and working perfectly with the wp-discourse plugin and discourse acting as SSO.

I can’t get these shortcodes to work for me though. I installed by downloading the zip from git and uploading that zip as a plugin. It took it and it’s activated and the shortcode page shows up within the Discourse section of the WP admin. I’ve tried adding the discourse_topics and discourse_link shortcodes and I get nothing. I’ve tried a few different ways: in a text widget (with my theme modded to allow for short codes), in the shortcode widget itself, and within a normal post.

I’ve tested a couple other shortcodes to make sure shortcodes in general are working.

Anything I’m missing in the setup?

Really want to get some of the discourse embedded in wordpress and it looks like your shortcodes are the best option currently.

Many Thanks,

(Simon Cossar) #44

Is your forum private? If so, you need to check the Enable Private Topics checkbox on the Shortcodes options page.

If you’re still getting no output, try disabling the Webhook setting if you have it enabled, and using this as the shortcode: [discourse_topics cache_duration=0] It should give you some output. If not, please let me know.


YES. That was it. I had locked things down a bit as I’m converting to Discourse from my old forum software.

Awesome stuff. Thanks so much for the quick reply.


Are you planning to add an option to filter discourse_topics by categories and tags?

(Quim Gil) #47

We love this plugin! Thank you very much for the work put in it. We use it very prominently at the https://confederac.io homepage.

I second @drreen, it would be useful to display items of a single category. For instance:

[discourse_topics source="top" category=" period="weekly" max_topics="5"]

On a different, there seems to be a minor bug. A category is not displayed in the widget:


The category is “Anti-Represión” and is in fact a subcategory. The tilde seems to be fine, because the category “Colaboración” is rendered without problems. Maybe it’s the dash?

(Simon Cossar) #48

Have you recently added the category? If so, go to the Publishing options tab, select the Force Category Update checkbox and save the page. If that doesn’t solve the issue, I’ll take a look at what’s going on.

Yes, adding a Category option is a good idea.

(Quim Gil) #49

Doh. OK, problem fixed. Thank you. :blush: