Wrong answerCount value from discourse-solved

The plugin set the value of the answerCount from Question schema.org to the number of replies of the topic. But according to google documentation the answerCount should be 0 is there is no acceptedAnswer or suggestedAnswer set.
I receive complains from Google Search Console for topics without accepted answer but with some replies.


This is new.

Maybe should use the suggestedAnswer with the answer that has got more “likes” :thinking: on topic when answerCount is > 0 and doesn’t have any answer with “solved” mark. :white_check_mark:

Check Google Strutured Data for example here.

I edit and explain my point.

In many debates, many situations are investigated and posed (which are answers) but do not constitute a solution to the subject in question.

Following the idea that commented @ced, a subject of 10 answers for example, some of those answers are valued with at least three “likes” should become “suggestedAnswer”.


I think I’m seeing the same issue, this just popped up on my search console today

Either “acceptedAnswer” or “suggestedAnswer” should be specified

So far it’s only showing up 1 page with the error


This post has 3 answers but no accepted/suggested answer.

We updated to 2.2.1 (self hosted) yesterday so I suspect that there will be more. We imported our old forums into discourse last year, so most (probably 99%) of the posts don’t have accepted answers.

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I am also have this problem with my site. Got a mail from google webmaster!!

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I think it should only be done if there is at least one like because sometimes reply to a question is a request for more information and not an answer. And if there are no likes on any replies, the answerCount should still be zero.


@vinothkannans can you add investigating this issue to your list?


This is fixed as per the below commit. Instead of topic reply count we should use only either 0 or 1 as answerCount.


No, we shouldn’t do it. It could be any non-answer post.


Great, with this fix the QApage disappear.



I hope this is correct. Until a solution is available Google not treating it as an QA Page.